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Purpose Halal Certification on food products, medicines, cosmetics and other products made to provide certainty halal status of a product, so as to appease the mind of the consumer. Continuity of halal production process guaranteed by the manufacturer by implementing Halal Assurance System.

Halal certificate Halal Certification is a written fatwa stating Indonesian Ulama Council halalness a product in accordance with Islamic law. Halal Certification is a requirement for obtaining halal labeling on the packaging of the product from government authorities.

Halal Guarantee from Manufacturer Halal certificate validity period is 2 (two) years, so as to maintain the consistency of production during the validity of the certificate, LPPOM MUI provides a measure for the company as follows :

1. Before asking manufacturers of halal certificate must first prepare Halal Assurance System. A detailed explanation of Halal Assurance System may refer to the User Guidelines for Developing Halal Assurance System issued by the LP POM MUI.

2. Obliged to formally appoint a person or team Halal Internal Auditor (AHI) which is responsible for ensuring the implementation of halal production.

3. Obliged to sign a sudden willingness to inspection without notice by LPPOM MUI.

4. Make periodic reports every six months on the implementation of the Halal Assurance System.