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New Registration Halal Certificate February 2017

CompanyCertificate NoProduct GroupExp. DateStatus
PT. Serasa Selera Nusantara03190010440614Plant and Processed Plant Products2019-02-01New
Rendang Nuri03010015940217Meat and Processed Meat Products2019-02-01New
CV. TOP-AD1512000023870217Snack2019-02-04New
cv.mitra terang sejati15330023850217Others2019-02-04New
UD. KARYA BERSAMA15160033860217Beverage and Beverage Ingredients2019-02-04New
SAMUDERA, UD07190038500217Plant and Processed Plant Products2019-02-07New
Association for Environmental Technology Popular Model Style00170081160217Others2019-02-08New
Creative Culinary, PT00290081270217Ice, Ice Cream and Supporting Ingredient2019-02-08New
Deltomed Laboratories, PT00110051360809Chocolates, Confectioneries and Supporting Ingredient2018-05-24New
FAST FOOD INDONESIA Tbk, PT00160001420999Restaurant2018-02-08Renew

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New Halal Registration Certification